Online Classes during the Lockdown period

We at Arwachin India School for Holistic Learning are committed to providing the best education to our students and are proud to announce that we are the first school in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh to have started online live classes for our students conducted by expert teachers.

Whilst the whole world is affected by the lockdown caused by COVID-19, we at Arwachin India School for Holistic Education (Burhanpur, M.P) believe that this is the best time for our Arwachians to not only learn new things academically but also to try and help their parents with the household chores so as to learn more about being responsible and independent. We are also encouraging our Arwachians to try new things at home which they would never find the time to do otherwise. We not only say that we are the best school in Burhanpur, but our actions back our words.

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